Allow approximately ½” between the trigger and the ¼” rod of the trigger mechanism for the trigger mechanism to strike the trigger.

It works with any compound bow (right or left-handed) that has a threaded stabilizer on the front.

All of our units require a 12-volt DC power battery. Our equipment only uses amperage when the weapon is actually being moved or fired, so it pulls very little and can run a long time on a small battery.

We are registered in the SAMS system. To have your VA hospital find us in the system and purchase your equipment for you, provide our UEI (SAM) #Q8Q9CZ1127N7. If your VA hospital needs further help, have them reach out to us. We will be happy to help them place your order.

Reach out to us. We are more than happy to give you grant info and ideas.

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Be Adaptive Equipment, Inc. is not responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred while using this equipment. Please read and follow all firearm and archery safety guidelines.

Seat pans should be attached to chair using holes provided in seat pan, and cushion should be attached to the seat pan with velcro. Not attaching the seat pan and cushion could result in the seat pan sliding out of the chair causing serious injury.