HQ100 – High Quad Shooting Mount


  • Can be completely controlled by chin and mouth for users with no hand or arm movement
  • Equipped with trigger mechanism to fire weapon
  • Operates with crossbows, rifles, and shotguns
  • Includes recoil compensation to help absorb recoil
  • Can be configured with sip, bite, or two-button push fire, and hand or chin controls
  • Pictured is an HQ100 with a standard seat pan, sip firing option, chin control, and no safety pendant switch
  • Rifle and crossbow not included

Additional Information

The HQ100 – High Quad Shooting Mount is designed to be used by people with no arm or hand use and comes with a power trigger to fire the weapon. It is fully adjustable up, down, back, and forth. You choose between the following firing options: sip (slight suction through a tube), bite (rubber-encapsulated bite switch), or two-button push (one button acts as a safety and must be held to make the fire button live which is hard-wired in). You can purchase a safety pendant switch as a backup safety for either the sip or bite firing option which will only allow the user to fire the weapon if the safety pendant switch button is held down. This is unnecessary for the two-button push option because it already uses two buttons to fire the weapon. Choose between hand or chin joystick controls to move the weapon up, down, left, and right.

The HQ100 – High Quad Shooting Mount can operate with crossbows, rifles, and shotguns. The selectable speed controls on the windage and elevation allow you to set the speed that is most comfortable for you. It comes with a recoil compensation mechanism to help absorb the recoil of the weapon being fired for maximum comfort, safety, and accuracy. The equipment operates on a standard 12-volt DC power (not included) and comes with a pigtail to attach to your 12-volt source. You can purchase an additional standard pigtail for your 12-volt source or our 12-Volt Battery and coordinating Pigtail with Spade Ends.

For best results, allow approximately ½” between the trigger and the rod of the trigger mechanism, allowing the trigger mechanism to strike the trigger.

Click here for installation instructions.

For hunting groups and/or multiple users of one HQ100, you can order multiple control configurations and an additional safety pendant switch that can be installed on one HQ100 to make it more suitable for multiple users with a variety of abilities. The encapsulated bite switch is a more sanitary option for multiple users.

Seat Pan Options
Standard: 18″ long x 15″ wide x 4 ½” deep
The Standard seat pan works with most chairs. If you need this style in a different size, please contact us.

Sling Bottom: 17 ¾” long x 15″ x wide 4″ deep
Our contoured seat pan is designed to fit sling or soft-bottom folding chairs.

Action Trac
This skeleton-style seat pan is designed to fit in between your removable seat cushion and the seat frame. It utilizes the existing seat mounting holes.

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 and Frontier V4
This bracket attaches to the seat frame.

Be Adaptive Equipment, Inc. is not responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred while using this equipment. Please read and follow all firearm and archery safety guidelines.

Seat pans should be attached to chair using holes provided in seat pan, and cushion should be attached to the seat pan with velcro. Not attaching the seat pan and cushion could result in the seat pan sliding out of the chair causing serious injury.

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