HQPM – High Quad Pistol Mount


  • Includes trigger actuator motor to fire
  • Shoots pistols including auto loaders, double-action revolvers, or long guns with pistol grips
  • Not a stand-alone product (requires an HQ100 to function)
  • HQ100 and pistol are not included

Additional Information

The HQPM – High Quad Pistol Mount is not a stand-alone product. It is a pistol mount that installs into the HQ100 – High Quad Shooting Mount to function. Simply plug the trigger actuator motor (included in the HQPM) into your HQ100 controls (included in the HQ100), and you are ready to shoot a wide variety of pistols, including auto loaders, double action revolvers, or any long gun with a pistol grip. If you have guns that you had to cut off the stock for a different style of gun mount, they can be used with the pistol mount set up.

For best results, allow approximately ½” between the trigger and the rod of the trigger mechanism, allowing the trigger mechanism to strike the trigger.

An HQ100 is required to use the HQPM.

Be Adaptive Equipment, Inc. is not responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred while using this equipment. Please read and follow all firearm and archery safety guidelines.

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