Omega III Sight


  • Sight, rangefinder, and HD video camera all-in-one
  • 5 independently adjustable reticle dots
  • Low-Light Enhancement for pre-dawn and post-dusk shooting
  • LCD Screen Dimmer (no backlighting)
  • 2X to 6X Zoom feature
  • Realtime range finding up to 600 yards with automatic true distance calculator
  • Includes a detachable sun-shield for extreme sunlight conditions
  • Includes a 12 hr rechargeable power bank
  • Remote control to power on/off and start/stop video recording
  • Instant video playback

Additional Information

The water-resistant Omega III sight has HD 1080p video recording capabilities with video playback on the 1 1/2″ x 2″ LCD screen and has simple elevation and windage adjustments. It comes with a plug-in remote control to power on/off and start/stop video recording and velcro to attach the remote somewhere convenient. The sight fits most Picatinny and Weaver-type rails on crossbows, shotguns, rifles, and handguns. Place it on the rail and secure it by tightening one Allen head bolt.

The Omega III sight is 5.5″ × 1.75″ × 2.75″ and has a lightweight aluminum body of 13 ounces. It acts as its own sight and does not require another scope. The sight does not have night vision capabilities but will aid in dusk and dawn lowlight conditions.

Includes a 12 hr (5000maH) rechargeable power bank which includes its own cable and velcro to attach somewhere convenient and 32 GB micro SD card, USB to micro USB cable, screen cloth, and two standard 3-volt (CR123A) batteries.

Note: Be sure to sight in using the 2X or 3X setting, as the zoom feature is merely for magnifying the target, not for actual aiming. if you prefer to use your zoom feature while shooting, test your weapon at various zoom powers, as you will find you may still be very close to the bullseye but may need to make micro-adjustments to be on target.

This is not manufactured in-house, so we cannot control shipping times and quality control.

Be Adaptive Equipment, Inc. is not responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred while using this equipment. Please read and follow all firearm and archery safety guidelines.

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