• Perfect companion to the HQ100
  • Built-in video output port for recording or display
  • Camera looks through scope and displays the image on a 3.5 or 7-inch color LCD monitor
  • Great for eye relief or blind shooters
  • Rifle and scope are not included

Additional Information

The SCS – Scope Camera System can be moved from scope to scope eliminating the need to purchase multiple long eye relief scopes. It comes with five scope bushings and a 1-inch or 30mm mounting bracket to attach the SCS directly to your scope.

The outside diameter of the five bushings matches the inside diameter of the scope camera mounting tube. The bushings have five different inside diameters for you to choose the best size that fits your scope.

The camera looks through your scope and displays the image on a 3.5-inch or 7-inch color LCD monitor which can be viewed by the shooter or hunting buddy. This feature makes it the perfect aid for helping visually impaired or blind shooters. It has a built-in video output port for recording or display.

The SCS – Scope Camera System operates on a standard 12-volt DC power (not included) and comes with a pigtail to attach to your 12-volt source. You can purchase an additional standard pigtail for your 12-volt source or our 12-Volt Battery and coordinating Pigtail with Spade Ends.

You can purchase additional camera bushings, camera mounting brackets, and 7-inch monitor.

Be Adaptive Equipment, Inc. is not responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred while using this equipment. Please read and follow all firearm and archery safety guidelines.

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